Monday, March 17, 2008

Highlights from the NOI Blogger Summit

While poking around the Blue Mass Group blog (one of the nominees listed in the Boston's Best Blog post), I came across a series of notes from the New Organizing Institute's Blogger Summit in DC. Some highlights:

1. The discussion of ways to increase blog traffic produced some interesting suggestions, including shout-outs to reporters and journalists (shameless, but effective) as well as weekly and/or monthly e-mails that include (wait for it) shout-outs to reporters and journalists. Participants also suggested op-eds, radio appearances, and (my favorite) following people around in costumes.

2. One of the speakers identified Red Lasso as a revolutionary tool for bloggers. The service allows users to search recent media content from over 100 media outlets. The note-taker characterized it as a "ginormous Tivo" that was superior to YouTube in certain respects because all clips are synched to searchable transcripts and can be cut to a desired point or length.

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