Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lords of the Blog

One of my favorite new blogs is a blog created by members of Britain's House of Lords, admittedly one of the last places you might expect to generate a blog. The blog is just a few weeks old - it launched on March 16, 2008. With the exception of Lord Soley (whose personal blog inspired the new one), the Lords do not appear to have much experience with the blogosphere. It's clear that they don't quite know what belongs on this blog. Nonetheless, it's very entertaining to watch them try. You can, for instance, learn about Lord Norton's love of trains in his post listing "ten things about me," which ironically includes only nine items. Or, you can read Baronness Murphy's post about the peculiar hours of the House of Lords, in which she admits that she rarely stays long enough to vote, but credits herself for sitting through the entirety of the Health and Social Care Bill debate, except for a brief interlude when she left to get a sandwich because she had "the rumblies in the tumblies."

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