Thursday, April 3, 2008

Traditional Media Wins South Africa's Country Blogs Awards

Call me ignorant, but I didn't even realize they had award ceremonies for blogs. I found it interesting that this year in South Africa's Blog Awards, 8 of the 22 categories, including the Best Blog category, were won by mainstream media companies. This made me think of JP's powerpoint presentation of the different media models he showed us in class yesterday. As much as mainstream media still retains its traditional "professional" model, do their high quality, engaging blogs change these media outlets in a fundamental manner? Are the 4 quadrants being blurred?

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web difference said...

The quadrants are definitely getting blurry. It is unfortunate that the South African blogging awards were swept by mainstream outlets. But on the other hand, we've discussed several ways in which popular independent blogs start to look a lot like mainstream blogs over time.